Welcome to The Scheme Hatchery.  Using our ability to bend time and space, we have looked into the future and seen the most frequently asked questions about the Hatch (as people in the future have taken to calling it).

1) Who runs this dump?

Hey, watch your tone! This establishment is curated by Andy Wong and Eric Peterson. They have been keeping it tight, just so you know. You can follow these titans of internetdustry on the Twitter: @peezmachine and @andrwong

2) What is it you say you do here?

Whatever the customer demands! Additionally, this is a place where one or both of us post art, reviews, fiction, etc, be they solo projects or a team effort. Chances are, if it’s art, it’s Andy’s.  If it makes you wonder what has happened to the state of discourse in this country, it’s Eric’s.  There are also some bigger things afoot (see the next question for a little more on that).

Eric is the resident expert on games, so expect him to get at you with reviews and impressions.

Andy knows knows all about the hottest jams, but in addition to his vast knowledge regarding superheated marmalades, he also knows things about music, so expect his hints, tips, and recommendations regarding the tunes.

Regardless of the subject area, our goal is to create high-quality work that appeals even to people who might not be interested in the specific things we write about.

We’ve included search filter tags on the page to make it easy to look for content, so please use them!

3) How did The Scheme Hatchery um…. hatch?

Hatcheries don’t hatch. They’re places, so they just get built. No need to get fresh with us.

We’ve been working on what the kids call “sequential art,” or what slightly cooler kids call “a freakin’ comic book.” We needed a place to call home for the project, so here we are. And while we’re here, we’re bringing you a glut of various high-quality content that may or may not be related to said comic.

4) Anything else we should know?

There’s a lot of internet out there, so we thank you for taking the time to swing by the Hatch. We hope you’ll find our thoughtful reviews, commentary, and musings valuable. If you have any feedback about the site, you can check out the CONTACT page listed up top, or shoot us a PM on Twitter (@peezmachine and @andrwong, in case you somehow missed that).



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