Comixology Submit Roundup – March 5, 2014

That’s right, the Roundup is back. Let’s do what we do best: grab a handful of books from the Comixology Submit indie store and hope for the best.

The Ultimate 7, #1: During the cretaceous period, resource-hungry aliens harvest dinosaurs (which they created) from earth and then decide to populate the planet with humans. Somehow this takes 22 pages. This would be fine if there were meaningful character introductions or some top-tier dialogue, or even some pretty pictures, but alas, ’tis but a barren wasteland. The art ranges from ugly to passable, the characters feel like XO-Manowar rejects, and every other line of dialogue is a character telling another character something they already know for our benefit. There’s no tension and no drama, just an info dump and a lot of disposable characters. Also, I’m not sure what the hell is meant by “orbiting the dark side of the moon,” but apparently that’s a thing that is happening here. Not recommended.


Next Town Over, #1: Andy and I weren’t terribly fond of Pretty Deadly, so I’m thrilled that Next Town Over has got all of my supernatural-infused Western needs covered. Pages and panels are filled with visual charm, and I love the crisp, clean lines and flat coloring. The layouts are also fantastic, often making good use of the environment or employing unique panel shapes to help set the scene. Everything about the aesthetics and characters has a twang of familiarity about it, but there’s enough freshness and mystery here to keep me interested, and the execution is fantastic enough to sell the book, regardless. Recommended.


Lady Frostblood, Vol. 1, #1: My typical response to most of the happenings in Lady Frostblood was “yeah, OK.” It’s unremarkable in just about every way. The “holy crap I’ve got a superpower” storyline is tired but not abysmal, the art features some wonky anatomy on occasion but is never offensively awful, and the dialogue is frequently uninspired or unnecessary but never cringeworthy. It’s pop art to a T, familiar, safe, and largely forgettable. Not recommended.


Boots Heels Claws, #1: It wasn’t until I got to the spelling errors and a panel where four different characters are talking that I was able to figure out if Boots Heels Claws was satire or just awful. The black and white artwork is messy and the dialogue is excessive and dull. It’s about time-traveling special agents from the future, if you’re curious. Not recommended.


Hyper Marlowe Buds, Vol.1, #1: This is what would you would get if Michel Gondry tried to describe Axe Cop through a megaphone while piloting the Spirit of Saint Louis. It’s a steady stream of non-sequiturs, some of which are charming and some which are not.  While I had a decent enough time with this issue, its not the kind of thing I would pick up on a monthly basis, as I’m not sure how long the shtick would hold its appeal. Recommended.


Featured image is by Alexander Enlund from Hyper Marlowe Buds.

3 responses to “Comixology Submit Roundup – March 5, 2014”

  1. Andy says:

    What you don’t know about orbiting the moon could fill… the moon?

  2. felipespants says:

    I found Boots and Heels to be exactly that…a satire. I thought the humor made it breezy and enjoyable…which is how I like my comics.

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