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There is a pretty deep discussion of Wonder Woman going on at Comics Beat, primarily about the feminism side of things. But there’s also the question of why we don’t get as many great WW (or Superman) comics as others. Laura Sneddon:

The real holy grail is still to be found – a Wonder Woman comic that really hits the high spots of character development, plot, superheroism, mythology and dramatic tension, in the same way that old pros Batman and Spider-Octopus (until recently) manage.

My perception (as an artist) is that it is immensely easier to write a flawed character than a “perfect” one. Batman regularly gets good to great books published because there are so many angles to the story. The best Batman stories let us crawl around in his head and explore all of the weird contradictions that cause a man to dress like a bat.  But Wonder Woman and Superman don’t have the same easy entryway. Great stories about them do exist, but the success rate is much lower.

Also, one last question, in light of some people ditching the book on feminist grounds: is it possible for Wonder Woman to be a feminist and a feminist icon, if she’s not written in a feminist book or a feminist world?

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  1. Hufsa says:

    I should hope so! I feel like some people take feminism less seriously if it’s in a feminist book (like a feminism overload or something). Subtle feminism like in the X-Men Animated Series from I think the 90s? where the US President was a chick was cool.

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